For our honeymoon, we spent fourteen days in Great Britain. After a nine hour plane ride, we landed safe and sound in Heathrow Airport, just outside Central London. After a lost iPhone, a rather long ride on the Tube (London's Underground), and a bit of street wandering to find our flat at 41-41 Cartwright Gardens, Bloomsbury, London, UK, our adventure was already well underway. At the very beginning, after a cramped plane ride and lost directions, I felt a bit like Bilbo Baggins when faced with the prospect of adventures by Gandalf:
"Adventures are dirty, nasty things that make you late for supper..."
But after a bit, I felt like Bilbo when he decides that having an adventure is a much better alternative to not having one. I'll chronicle our time spent in the Queen's country in the next few posts. 

    I'm Ariel. It's not pronounced like The Little Mermaid, I apologize. It's ah-re-l. Tougher, I'll admit.

    I'm a wife who loves to read, go to the movies, knit without much talent, scratch out a tune on my violin, and consume history by the bookful. I have an avid interest in politics, which is the equivalent of saying I enjoy being in pain. But, someone has to pay attention, right?


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